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"Innovation and quality as a guarantee of sustainability."

With more than six decades of history, the Monteiros Group seeks, with determination, to transform great challenges into solid achievements. Quality and delivery are hallmarks of the Group's performance, visible through the dedication and efficiency placed in each work and each project.

Logotipo Estruturas

In this department we develop and execute structural projects divided into four distinct areas: metal structures to support civil construction, structures complementary to frame systems - architectural structures (railings, stairs, chimneys, gates and automation, etc.), construction of pre-made metal structures -manufactured for the construction and industry market, export area – production of industrial concept (several structures per project).

Through Laser Technology we can cut almost any contour or design of different metallic materials, with different thicknesses, with reduced times and impeccable cut quality, without burrs, with high precision. The cutting edges are smooth and the cut pieces ready for packaging without further treatment. Combined with laser technology, we also carry out cutting, bending, welding, surface treatment and thermo-lacquering services.

Logotipo M.Detach

M.DETACH, Metalic Detail Achievement, a brand born in 2013, is intended for the planning and production of metallic objects for everyday or decorative use, pieces with author's design, architecture and plastic arts, with high contemporary technical and aesthetic standards of quality.

Logotipo Sistemas de Caixilharia

Inspired by one of our mottos as a company as a whole that we defend (“Innovation and quality as a guarantee of sustainability”), we believe that the sustainable future also depends on the more efficient use of the resources available on our planet and as such we are committed to contribute to and foster a more environmentally friendly future. As such, Monteiros is a manufacturer and installer of efficient window frames (windows and doors) in PVC, aluminum and steel.

In order to provide a complete service to our customers, we provide pre-treatment services (preparation of materials to protect against corrosion and maximize powder paint adhesion) and thermo-lacquering with numerous finishes.


We idealize, promote and build new realities, providing the best response to the challenges proposed by our clients. The broad experience acquired allows us to intervene in various segments and specialties of civil construction. Monteiros is recognized as a synonym of knowledge and experience, having a constant presence in the construction sector. Business areas: metallic structures, efficient windows, laser technology, lacquering and M.Detach.
Why Monteiros?

Our activity is based on three fundamental pillars:

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