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Class A+ Efficient Windows

Save energy
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Firstly, our motivation for wanting to work with high energy efficiency (efficient doors and windows) resides in the awareness that everyone we can contribute to significant energy savings.

In this way, we must all contribute to a more sustainable development of our planet and our country, as this is the only way we can guarantee a better future for future generations.

Class a+ Efficient Doors and Windows

Currently, with the acquisition of efficient doors and windows Class A+ (and only with these), you can apply for the various INCENTIVES / SUPPORT made available by the government under the energy efficiency and sustainability

Certified Manufacturer

In order to comply with the most rigorous and innovative manufacturing standards (we have the status Schüco Partner), we always guarantee the highest quality and safety in our doors and windows efficient.

Approved installer

As a result of the maximum demand of our customers, we strongly invest in the qualification and training of our employees. In short, we guarantee maximum quality in installed products

Various materials

Because each case is different and they all require a custom solution and optimized, we manufacture and install frame systems in all types of materials: PVC, Aluminum and Steel

We plan with you, we execute rigorously.

Depending on the climate zone, solar orientation, typology and other characteristics of your property, we combine the most suitable profiles for each situation, as we never neglect performance (thermal and acoustic insulation), aesthetics, durability and safety.

Due to the specificity and characteristics of the materials themselves, each of them is suitable for specific situations:



Efficient PVC windows offer greater thermal and acoustic insulation (given the nature of their raw material), greater watertightness and impermeability associated with energy savings. In short, it allows for a clear reduction in energy consumption and greater comfort.

Safety and Durability

A very important aspect in the construction of PVC windows is the use of a system of reinforcements in galvanized steel, as they guarantee their lasting stability, as well as the commitment to the most advanced window construction systems, combined with the great technical capacity of our employees.

Numerous Finishes

In order to meet all requirements, efficient PVC windows allow for superior quality finishes (see the wide palette of colors and wood imitations), as well as ease of assembly, maintenance and cleaning.



In the chapter on efficient aluminum windows, we would like to highlight the aluminum systems with a thermal break solution, as they guarantee high comfort through more effective thermal and acoustic insulation.


On the other hand, aluminum is also an excellent solution for structures such as facades or curtain walls, structural skylights and other types of solutions where it is intended that the frame systems replace structural construction elements such as walls or ceilings, as this way it is possible to obtain the advantage of large glazed structures.


However, these efficient windows are also versatile, as they have excellent thermal insulation and a high quality finish. Added to all this are the insurmountable advantages of aluminum: durability, stability and resistance, thin profiles, in addition to a multitude of design options, even in large-format windows.


The reduced dimensions of the frame, leaf and frame profile allow for a larger glazed surface. The gain in transparency and luminosity increases the comfort of your home.



These systems are known for their high strength and can be manufactured in carbon steel (iron) or stainless steel.

Therefore, they can be applied in the most varied areas:

– Public and private buildings with high turnover and use

– Anti-Bullet Systems

– Firebreak systems

They have the particularity of the frames (corners) being welded, which gives them great mechanical resistance.


There is also the possibility of working with profiles with thermal break, guaranteeing high robustness and energy efficiency.

By incorporating smart glass into your efficient window, you can enjoy sunlight with a pleasant feeling of well-being all year round, whatever the outside temperature.

Reinforced thermal insulation double glazing combines the properties of low emissivity and solar control, allowing you to reduce heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer. Year-round savings.

Large glazed surfaces that provide a greater amount of natural light in the house.

The highest performance in terms of security and acoustic attenuation, combining double glazing with reinforced thermal insulation and a laminated glass solution.

Reinforced thermal insulation double glazing allows you greater comfort in your home while saving on air conditioning.
In winter, it reduces the effect of cold areas near windows, minimizing heating costs.
In the summer, your home heats up less, allowing you to save on space cooling, or making it unnecessary.

Some pertinent questions…

It is an Insulating Glass Unit formed by 2 or more glasses sealed in its perimeter by a spacer that creates an intermediate chamber. It is also commonly called double glazing.

It is the ability of materials to resist the passage of heat through themselves. Some, like metals, have low resistance. These are the so-called good conductors. Others have a very high resistance and are therefore called thermal insulators.

It is the amount of heat transferred from one side of the glass to the other. It is expressed in W/m2K (watt per square meter and Kelvin).

They are cover glasses that reduce the entry of heat when the sun hits the building.

It is the incident solar energy that is transmitted through the glass. It is expressed in % of what would enter with the open span.

Regardless of the material of the profile and its typology, we have a wide range of finishing solutions that allow you to meet the aesthetics of your old windows or new contemporary requirements.


Numerous possibilities within the RAL color palette

The textured finish allows us to create a more organic and stylized environment, whether in imitation wood or plain colours. 

Metallic look in PVC – the combination of a shiny surface finish with the benefits of PVC. Automotive Finish by Schüco opens up new opportunities for high-quality design, both inside and out. The high-quality coating offers excellent color and weather resistance, which meet high technical requirements. The range includes 11 metallic colors for indoor and outdoor use, with different degrees of shine and textures.

Externally mounted aluminum covers are an attractive design choice for efficient PVC window and door systems.

Schüco's TopAlu finishing system combines the excellent thermal insulation, watertightness and low maintenance of PVC elements with the diverse, high-quality appearance and high level of resistance of aluminum surfaces. The timeless elegance of aluminum makes it an ideal material for modern architecture. The aluminum skin attaches to the outside of the profile using simple snap-on technology and can be coated or anodized in almost any color. Another benefit is that the material is particularly resistant to environmental influences.

The bicolor solution allows you to opt for a finish on the inside of the window and another on the outside, regardless of the colours, material and typology of the window.

What's the best option?

PVC, Aluminum or Steel?
Opening or sliding windows?
Which glass is suitable?

Because we know that choosing a frame system can be a complex decision, we accompany our customers in all stages of this process.
And best of all: it's free!

During the budgeting and technical advice phase (at no cost to the (potential) customer), we carry out the dimensioning, energy study, life cycle study and integration into the rest of the construction, all of this done together with you.

Approved manufacturer and installer

Because working with the best materials is not enough, we comply with all standards and procedures (CE marking specifications) so that the final result is perfect!

In order to maintain the highest quality standards, we strongly invest in technological innovation and continuous training of our employees.

Results that exceed expectations

Supported by the know-how acquired over more than 60 years of activity and the competence of our specialized employees, the application of the frame systems is carried out with the utmost respect for the existing environment, that is, protecting the surrounding elements ( floors, walls, ceiling, etc.), as well as respecting the principles of good integration in new construction.

In order to exceed your expectations and present a perfect result, before moving on to the installation of efficient windows (and doors) we carry out a preliminary study so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Also the accessories used are of the highest quality.

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Technical Advice and Budget

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By decision of ANACOM – Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), of 28 November 2019 – available here)

Windows Configurator

Surely you have already thought about what it would be like to be able to visualize new efficient windows in your home. How about trying it?


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