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About Monteiros

The company Monteiros – João Monteiro e Filhos, Lda., headquartered in Marco de Canaveses, Portugal, carries out its activity within the field of Metalworking Industry and Civil Construction, seeking to be a reference in this very competitive sector. Founded in 1960, it has been looking over the years for a constant evolution in the quality of its products and services and a permanent search for innovation and technology.

With a continuous effort for sustained development, it seeks, through a young, dynamic and qualified workforce, to provide the best offer within the sector.

Flexibility, know-how, continuous updating of equipment, products and services, investment in the professional training of our employees and constant concern for the total satisfaction of our customers' needs are values that define our attitude and business culture .

Our motto in recent years has been:

"Innovation and quality as a guarantee of sustainability."

At an institutional level, Monteiros was recognized by the IAPMEI as an PME Leader and consequently PME Excellence in 2009 and 2010, maintaining the respective statutes to this day.



In addition, it is a founding member and an integral part of the governing bodies of ANFAJE (National Association of Efficient Window Manufacturers).

With a continuous effort of sustained development, Monteiros seeks, through a young, dynamic and qualified work team, to provide the best offer within its activity sectors.

Values that define our attitude and business culture:

| Awareness of the company's social function

| Flexibility / Diversification;

| Know-how (accumulated knowledge, experience) combined with innovation;

| Continuous updating of equipment, products, services;

Investment in the professional training of its employees - Qualification

| Constant concern for the total satisfaction of our customers' needs

Social responsibility at Monteiros means adopting attitudes, behaviors and actions that promote well-being in the community where it operates.

In our motto, this will is also evident through sustainability:

"Innovation and quality as a guarantee of sustainability"

The concept, in this view, involves the benefit of the community, whether related to the internal public (employees, shareholders, etc.) or external actors (community, partners, environment, etc.).

Thus, our social responsibility involves assuming 3 levels where we can and must act:

- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with concerns for our internal environment and our workforce.


| Support and encouragement of births, with flexible schedules

| Annual meeting of employees and their families

- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), involving the quality of life and well-being of the partners and the surrounding community that is less favored or in need of more help and intervention, through collaboration protocols with social support institutions.


| Portuguese League against Cancer

| Renovation of windows in situations of extreme need for people unable to do so

- Environmental Social Responsibility (RSA), with our commitment to people and human values, but also genuine concerns for the environment, but also the reduction of negative impacts of our activity on the community and the environment.


| Concerns about selling energy efficient products (thus saving energy)

| Sustainability of the 3Rs (reutilize, reuse and recycle)



Our methodology


We plan with the customer so that the final product meets the highest expectations


Because each case is different, before moving on to execution, we evaluate all the possibilities and carry out the most varied technical studies


With the "know-how" and rigor acquired over more than 60 years of experience, we execute your project with maximum precision

Projects executed
Production area
Operating markets

Areas of expertise

Estruturas Metálicas
Metallic Structures

Customized solutions for the most varied structural projects

Janelas Schüco
Efficient Windows

Framing solutions (Doors and Windows) in different materials (PVC, Aluminum and Steel)

Corte Laser
Laser Technology

2D and 3D laser cutting with high precision and speed in different materials and thicknesses


Surface treatment and electrostatic painting with powder paint in a wide range of colors


Brand for the planning and production of creative, unique and stylized metallic objects

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Estruturas Metálicas
Estruturas Metálicas
Janelas Eficientes | Alumínio
Estruturas Metálicas
Janelas Eficientes | PVC
Estruturas Metálicas

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