Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility at Monteiros stands for the adoption of attitudes, behaviours and actions to promote the well-being of the surrounding community.

That desire is also manifested in our motto, through sustainability:

“Innovation and quality as a guarantee of sustainability”

The concept, in this vision, comprehends the benefit of the community, as regards both internal public (employees, shareholders, etc) and external actors (community, partners, environment, etc.).

Hence, our social responsibility is based on three levels, at which we can and must act:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with concerns related to our internal environment and our company’s staff.


| Supporting and encouraging natality, providing schedule flexibility

| Annual meetings for employees and their families

Business Social Responsibility (BSR), respecting the quality of life and well-being of our partners and surrounding community, especially the underprivileged ones and those in need of help and intervention, through collaboration protocols with social support institutions.


| Portuguese League Against Cancer

| Window renovation in situations of extreme necessity, for underprivileged citizens

Environmental Social Responsibility (ESR), a commitment to people and human values, as well as a genuine environmental concern and will to reduce the negative impact of our activity on the community and the environment.


| A concern for producing energy-efficient products (saving energy)

| 3R’s Sustainability (reuse, renew and recycle)