Banner M-Detach

M-DETACH, Metalic Detail Achievement, a brand born in 2013 with the purpose of planning and producing metallic objects for everyday use or for ornamentation, designer pieces, architecture and visual arts, with high quality contemporary aesthetic and technical patterns.

We see metal as a paper sheet: we cut out, bind, paste, draw, fold, twist, imagine… Supported by the most advanced laser cutting technology, by a team combining experience and passion for new challenges, we want to be the answer to the most rational ideas as well as to the wildest dreams. Transforming the free, imaginative, organic, hand drawings into rigorous materialisations. The M.Detach dream rises from a capacity to produce, a love for challenge and a will to innovate. Before our eyes, an infinity of productive possibilities is available, to which we respond with a catalogue composed of three main development focuses:

Metallic Products – from promotional, commemorative and ornamental pieces to domestic and office organisers and utensils for everyday use.

Author Design – original and surprising, associating various manners of transforming metal into pieces of great lightness and aesthetic value, designed for various purposes.

Architecture – planning and development of architecture components: interior or façade panels cut out by laser, guardrails, shutters, models, pergolas, stands and living containers.

The M-Detach brand is part of Monteiros group.