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MONTEIROS – João Monteiro & Filhos, Ltd is a company with more than 50 years of experience in various Metallomechanics sectors, among which are innovative cutting and transformation of parts by means of laser technology.
At MONTEIROS – Laser Technology, we have a clear commitment with innovation and development of new products and services.
Through Laser Technology we can cut pretty much any outline or drawing on different metallic materials, with varying thickness, in a short time and with impeccable cutting quality. All this, without burring and while keeping a high precision. The edges are smoothly cut and the parts instantly ready for packaging, not requiring further treatment.

Materials and maximum thickness:

| Carbon steel (Iron) – 25 mm
| Stainless steel – 20 mm
| Aluminium – 12 mm

Along with laser technology, we provide cutting, bending, welding and surface treatment services. The project of the parts may be sent on paper or in the following design formats (DWG |DXF | IGES | GRA | VDA | WRL | EPS | AI).
Our technical team will take care of that project and make it available for production.
MONTEIROS – Laser Technology offers their clients a quick service, with great quality and competitive prices.

For any appointment, information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone + 351 255 539 990 or fax + 351 255 539 999.