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The submission of applications to the Program to Support More Sustainable Buildings foi prolongada (novamente) até 30 de Abril de 2022, ascendendo a dotação a um total de 75 milhões de euros.

Framework of the program

The 1st phase of the Program to Support More Sustainable Buildings was covered by a huge demand that led to the depletion of the total amount allocated to the Program before the end of 2020 and to its estimated increase of around 5 M€, totaling 9 .5 M€. With this initiative, it was possible to leverage around 21 million euros of investment that contributed to promoting the economic dynamism of employment, through the launch of small works, of quick execution and spread throughout the territory, which could absorb some of the impact of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic caused by the disease COVID-19, among other initiatives. Thus, full compliance with the Economic and Social Stabilization Program (PEES), approved by Council of Ministers Resolution No. 41/2020, of 6 June, under which this Program was inserted.

In compliance with the commitment assumed when the 1st phase of the Support Program for More Sustainable Buildings was interrupted, due to the exhaustion of funds, the 2nd phase of the Program aims at its continuity, assuming identical characteristics and incorporating some improvements compared to the 1st phase.

This 2nd phase is part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) which identifies the commitment to energy efficiency in buildings as a priority for economic recovery in line with the climate transition, in accordance with the objectives of the European Ecological Pact.

This Program is part of the European initiative “Renovation Vacancy”, especially dedicated to the renovation of buildings and which aims to address the current low rates of renovation across the EU.

At the national level, this initiative is also part of the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030 (PNEC 2030), approved by Council of Ministers Resolution no. (ELPRE), approved by Council of Ministers Resolution no. for the fulfillment of other strategic objectives, namely the fight against energy poverty.

The operationalization of this initiative will be carried out through the Environmental Fund (FA), with the support of the Energy Agency (ADENE) and the National Energy and Geology Laboratory (LNEG).


This program aims to finance measures that promote rehabilitation, decarbonisation, energy efficiency, water efficiency and the circular economy, contributing to the improvement of the energy and environmental performance of buildings. Specifically, it is intended that the measures to be supported can lead, on average, to at least a 30% reduction in primary energy consumption in the buildings involved.

In this context, actions to be developed in existing residential buildings, which contribute to the goals defined in the National Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030 (PNEC 2030) and in the Long-Term Strategy for the Renovation of Buildings ( ELPRE) as well as for other environmental objectives.


The global allocation for the 2nd Phase of the Program to Support More Sustainable Buildings is €30,000,000 (thirty million euros).


The Incentive Program covers:

– Existing single-family housing buildings, as well as multi-family buildings or their autonomous fractions, built and licensed for housing until December 31, 2006, inclusive, throughout the national territory.

– Existing single-family dwelling buildings, as well as multi-family buildings or their autonomous fractions, built and licensed until July 1, 2021, only for interventions that fall within typologies 3, 4, 5 and 6 of point 6.3 of this regulation.

– Real estate owned by legal persons is excluded from the provisions of the previous numbers.


Individuals who prove the title of holder of any right to carry out interventions in the candidate properties are eligible, including their owners and co-owners or the head of a couple with an undivided inheritance.

Proof of the title of holder of the rights referred to in the previous point, can be done through any suitable document for the purpose, namely Urban Land Registry, Certificate or Deed.


Each applicant is limited to a maximum total incentive of:

– €7,500 (seven thousand five hundred euros), per single-family building or autonomous fraction

– €15,000 (fifteen thousand euros) in the particular case of a multifamily building (building) in total ownership.

If interventions had already been supported in the 1st phase of the program, the amounts supported since 7 September 2020 are deducted from these amounts.

The present regulation aims to support applications that focus on the typologies of projects included in the table below, including the reimbursement and the maximum limit of eligible expenses borne by the Environmental Fund (FA) for each typology. Also in the case of the limits by type of intervention, if interventions had already been supported in the 1st phase of the programme, the amounts supported since 7 September 2020 are deducted from the amounts indicated below.

1 Replacement of inefficient windows with efficient windows, with an energy class equal to “A+”  85% 1 500€
2 Application or replacement of thermal insulation on roofs, walls or floors, using natural-based materials (eco-materials) or incorporating recycled materials, as well as replacing entrance doors:    

Roofs and/or floors 

85% 1 500€


85% 3 000€

Front doors

85% 750€
3  Space heating and/or cooling and/or sanitary hot water (DHW) systems, which use renewable energy, of energy class “A+” or higher, namely:    

Heat pumps

85% 2 500€

Thermal solar systems

85% 2 500€

High efficiency biomass boilers and recuperators

85% 1 500€
4 Installation of photovoltaic panels and other renewable energy production equipment for self-consumption with or without storage 85% 2 500€
5 Interventions aimed at water efficiency through:    

Replacement of water use devices in the home with more efficient ones 

85% 750€

Installation of solutions that allow the intelligent monitoring and control of water consumption

85% 200€

Installation of rainwater harvesting systems

85% 1 500€
6 Interventions for the incorporation of bioclimatic architecture solutions, which involve the installation or adaptation of fixed elements of buildings such as shading, greenhouses and green roofs or facades, favoring natural-based solutions 85% 3 000€

(*) The efficiency specifications of each type of project are included in Annex I to the regulation.

The candidate may opt for technical monitoring and energy certification of the intervened property, during and after the execution of one or more of the above mentioned types of project, an option that is supported by this regulation through a contribution rate of 85% up to a maximum limit. €200, awarded once for the same building or autonomous fraction and, therefore, associated with a single type of intervention, as detailed in point 7 of Annex I.


The candidate may submit more than one application at different times throughout the deadline for submitting applications to this program, provided that they aim to:

  1. a) The same project typology, provided that it does not exceed the limits established by candidate and by intervention typology;
  2. b) Different types of project in the same building or autonomous fraction;
  3. c) The same type of project in different buildings or autonomous fractions.

Each application must include only one type of project, referring to only one building or autonomous fraction.

Owners of existing single-family housing buildings, as well as multi-family buildings or their autonomous fractions, built and licensed for housing from December 31, 2006 until July 1, 2021, can only submit projects referring to typologies 3, 4 , 5 and 6 referred to in point 6.3. of this Regulation.

Installers and, whenever applicable, manufacturers of solutions supported by this regulation, whether they are companies or technicians on an individual basis, must have a permit, certificate, declaration or other applicable document that entitles them to carry out the intervention in question and be registered in the Existing platforms for the following project types:

1 – Efficient windows (companies) CLASSE+ (for window manufacturers) www.classemais.pt
1 – Efficient windows (companies) casa+ portal > Directory (for installing companies) (*) https://portalcasamais.pt/
2 - Thermal insulation and doors (companies) Portal “Efficient House 2020” https://casaeficiente2020.pt
3.1 - Heat pumps (companies and technicians) APA > Environmental Assessment and Management > Certification > Fluorinated Gases > Lists of Certificates and Certificates Issued


3.2. / 3.3. / 5 / 6 (companies) Casa+ Portal > Directory https://portalcasamais.pt/
4 - Solar photovoltaic (technicians) DGEG application portal > Public consultation of responsible technicians (or equivalent in the autonomous regions of Madeira and the Azores) https://apps.dgeg.gov.pt/DGEG/

(*) If the company only installs the windows (that is, the windows that the company installs already come with a CLASS+ label issued by a manufacturer adhering to CLASS+) and it is not adhering to CLASS+, then the company must be registered in the Portal casa+ (https://portalcasamais.pt/)

The technical follow-up and energy certification of the intervention property must be carried out by a qualified expert from the Building Energy Certification System (SCE) registered in Portal SCE > Search for technicians, accessible at https://www.sce.pt/pesquisa-de- technical/.

The mandatory documents per application can be found in point 10.6 of the Regulation and the specific criteria for each of the typologies indicated above can be found in Annex I.


Applications are numbered in order of entry, based on the date and time of submission, and subsequently analyzed by the managing entity of the Environmental Fund.

The analysis of applications is based exclusively on the data and documents presented by the applicant at the time of submission of the application and on the verification of compliance with the eligibility criteria applicable to the applicant project(s), with no requests for clarification or inclusion of additional documentation after submission. Depending on the analysis carried out, the application is considered “eligible” or “non-eligible”.

Applications considered “ineligible” are canceled by the managing entity of the Environmental Fund and returned to the applicant with an indication of the reasons for non-eligibility, and the applicant may resubmit the application after rectifying the data or documents, being considered as a new application, assigned a new entry number and analyzed in that order.

The candidate has the possibility to contest the evaluation of his application with the managing entity of the Environmental Fund within 10 working days after the decision of non-eligibility, and this contestation must be duly substantiated and based on the elements made available by the candidate when application submission (ie without the subsequent inclusion of new data or documents).

Applications considered “eligible” are transferred for payment by the managing entity of the Environmental Fund, in accordance with the applicable procedures and requirements.

All application procedures, including notifications, communications, sending documents and other procedures, take place on the Environmental Fund's digital platform, and it is the applicant's responsibility to monitor the evolution of the status of their application on that platform.

All communication between the Environmental Fund and the candidate is only effective when carried out via the platform mentioned in the previous point, and any communications or submissions of documentation by other means (electronic mail, telephone, among others) are not considered for the analysis. of the nominations.


Payment of the incentive is made by bank transfer to the beneficiary's account identified in the submission process and notified through the Environmental Fund platform, as soon as the conditions for exercising the right to the incentive are met.


The managing entity of the Environmental Fund may, at any time, carry out actions aimed at evaluating the correct application of this incentive program, by carrying out surveys, audits or inspection actions, which may be requested from other competent entities in the matter.


The deadline for submitting applications for the incentive runs from June 22 to 11:59 pm on November 30, 2021 or until the date on which the foreseen allocation is expected to run out.

>> You can consult the Order No. 6070-A/2021 – Support Program for More Sustainable Buildings – Phase II You can consult the (here)

>> You can consult the Declaration of Rectification to Dispatch – (here)

For the provision of any additional clarification, contact the e-Balcão.



– Typology 1 – Efficient windows with class “A+” (See here)

– Typology 2 – Application or replacement of Thermal Insulation and replacement of entrance doors (See here)

– Typology 3 – Efficient systems and equipment that use renewable energy (See here)

– Typology 4 – Photovoltaic panels and other equipment for producing renewable energy for self-consumption (See here)

– Typology 5 – Water efficiency by replacing equipment with more efficient equipment (See here)

– Typology 6 – Green facades and roofs and bioclimatic architecture solutions (See here)

– Technical Monitoring and Energy Certification (See here)




Even if you already have credentials access to the Environmental Fund, to access the PAE+S II application form will have to do novo registo (here). When registering on the PAE+S II application form, please choose your credentials. Keep these credentials, as they will be needed whenever you want to access the application form.
We remind you that the communication is made exclusively through e-Balcão, or através do número de telefone 210 519 411. Apenas os emails  enviados via e-Balcão will be answered.
*Information taken from the portal fundoambiental.pt

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