Building renovation is an activity registering a bigger growth in the construction sector, for the past years. Among other aspects, to rehabilitate means to improve thermal and acoustic insulation while taking care of the interior ventilation in the different rooms, never forgetting the quality of the design and, sometimes even, having to maintain the aesthetics of the building and the existing windows.

The windows are a fundamental part of any house, influencing the exterior and interior aesthetics of each building and determining the well-being of their inhabitants. Thus, the windows may and must contribute to save energy and, at the same time, to increase comfort.

The framing systems manufactured by Monteiros associate design, quality and innovation, presenting an almost unlimited offer and meeting the needs of today and the demands of the future.

Due to the advanced techniques and technology, the limitations imposed by older systems were overcome, thanks to framing systems which allow careful aesthetics as well as an elevated thermal and acoustic insulation, without requiring any special maintenance and with long durability.

All this is possible while still fully respecting the technical labelling demands from the European Commission and from the Technical Building Codes.

Allow your home to offer you the comfort of high quality windows.