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PVC framing offers better thermal and acoustic insulation (given the nature of the material), greater tightness and impermeability leading to higher energy savings, which results in a clear reduction of energy consumption.

A crucial point in the construction of a PVC window is the use of a reinforcement system made of galvanised steel, guaranteeing long stability. Besides, the investment in the most advanced window constructing systems, combined with the great technical ability of our employees.

On the other hand, PVC framing allows a superior quality of the finishes (notice the broad colour pallet and wood imitations), and also makes it easier to assemble, maintain and clean.

Corona – PVC Windows for any demand

With this great variety of systems, Schüco offers you endless possibilities: from the Premium systems, Corona SI 82+ and Corona SI 82, presenting the best thermal insulation, to the basic Corona CT 70 system with its three variants Cava, Rondo and Classic, and even the simplest window systems, such as Corona 60 AS. These systems allow a choice of windows among the most varied shapes and colours.

Besides the leaf systems, there is also the possibility of using sliding windows from the Corona S74 series and the lift-and-slide Corona 70 HS system.

The aluminium lining of the outer part of the window is a quite original design option, as it grants a very individual and elegant aesthetics to the window: Corona CT 70 Plus.

Safety and comfort

Get more information on the details of the very practical Schüco HomeControl alarm system, which can be subsequently added to any window system, regardless of the materials and ironwork used.
The VarioTec system presents an optimal ironwork for private house construction, offering superior safety.

Another remarkable characteristic is the sill with no barriers, used for balcony doors. Unlike front doors, these doors can also be locked at the bottom, just like windows. Moreover, since it is installed at a lower depth, there is a lower stumbling risk.

Monteiros – Framing Systems is at your disposal for any further clarification.

Datasheets (portuguese):

| Corona 60 AS (portuguese)
| Corona CT70 AS (portuguese)
| Corona CT70 HS (portuguese)
| Corona S74 (portuguese)
| Corona SI 82+ (portuguese)
| Corona S150 (portuguese)
| Corona TopAlu (portuguese)

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