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One of the general goals of Monteiros is to broaden the range of functional, aesthetic and conceptual options in everything we do. Therefore, it is impossible not to suggest Technal as a solution for framing systems.

The Technal systems design is part of the architectural and contemporary interior design trends, which means: minimalistic aesthetics, larger window apertures, more natural light… and in order to prove it, Technal counts on the most influential architects and interior designers all over the world.

Moreover, the brand also counts on a renewed collection of finishes, textures and colours, created to inspire and offer avant-garde and innovative chromatic solutions. The brand researches and develops new solutions, creating new trends and thus becoming a prominent reference of quality and design, within the sector of aluminium systems.

Additionally, Monteiros has the ALUMINIER TECHNAL status (Homologated Manufacturing Installer). With this shared commitment in mind, we grant an excellent Technal window transformation and installation.
Thanks to this partnership, we offer our clients several advantages, enabling a high quality and efficient implementation of your renovation project, namely: financing solutions, technical advice, warranty certificate, after-sales service and disassembly of the existing windows.

Further information:

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