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In the aluminium framing chapter, we would like to highlight the aluminium systems with a thermal bridge break solution. This solution guarantees higher comfort due to a more efficient thermal and acoustic insulation.

On the other hand, aluminium is also an optimal solution for structures such as façades or curtain walls, structural skylights and other types of solutions in which the framing systems are intended to substitute the structural constructing elements like walls or ceilings, thereby obtaining the advantages of great glass structures.

Schüco aluminium windows systems

For both new constructions and rehabilitation projects – the Schüco aluminium lines are appropriate for any construction project and allow the option between smooth leaves or leaves with an outwards opening. The numerous system variants and the broad array of accessories are the basis for a creative design.
Besides, these multipurpose windows with thermal insulation and high quality finish have the insuperable advantages of the aluminium: durability, stability, and resistance, thin profiles, besides a variety of design options, even for large windows.


Schüco AWS 65 offers an improved thermal insulation with a depth of 65 mm: an average Uf value of 2.2 W/m2 K, saving expensive energy and, consequently, lowering the high heating bills. This value is obtained thanks to an expanded insulation zone and an optimised hollow central joint.


With the Schüco TipTronic concealed fitting or the closing control system, it is also possible to easily increase the safety of your home.
Depending on the glasses and ironwork selected, windows with sills can meet the requisites up to the WK3 resistance level.


The small dimensions of the frame, casing and leaf profile allow a larger glass surface. What one gains in terms of transparency and light, is also gained in terms of comfort. Another advantage for your well-being: the optimised joints on the window profile ensure, besides a good thermal insulation, a high level of acoustic protection against outside noises – so you can truly enjoy being at home.
In order to perfectly adapt to your requisites, the windows present a wide variety of slide and open types, such as casement, turn & tilt, top-hung, inward opening horizontal and vertical pivots and also outward opening casement and top-hung windows, for instance.
The option of applying a Schüco TipTronic concealed fitting, also offers you maximum comfort when handling the electrical opening, closing or blocking of the windows, simply by pressing a button on the handle or on an external control panel.


The multipurpose basic Schüco AWS 65 line, lets you choose customised solutions for your windows, namely different colours for the outer and inner parts.
The innovative Schüco AvanTec mechanical concealed fitting provides a straight line design with low width, from 51 mm, and also allows you to use large leaves weighing up to 130 kg. Moreover, a broad range of accessories completes your individual design options.
Thanks to a basic depth of only 65 mm, the Schüco window line AWS 65 is widely versatile and can be, individually, combined with the Schüco door program.

System diversity

Besides casement windows, Schüco offers different systems, such as:

| ASS (Aluminium Slide Systems) – Sliding or lift-and-slide systems

| ADS (Aluminium Doors Systems) – Door systems for many different applications: regular house doors, fire or bullet-proof doors

| Facade systems

Summary of Schüco aluminium windows:

| Innovative technology
| Exchangeability of the many components within the system
| Variety of elements and opening types
| Great colour variety
| Optional equipment with burglar resistance, bullet-proof and fire protection
| Effective thermal and acoustic insulation
| Advantages of aluminium: durability and resistance, reduced widths and a varied design
| Schüco AvanTec – concealed ironwork for leaves weighing up to 130 kg
| Schüco TipTronic – mechatronic concealed ironwork, suitable for integration in the building manage system
| The Schüco aluminium windows offer quality and an insuperable cost-benefit relationship


| AWS 65 (portuguese)
| AWS 70 HI (portuguese)
| AWS 75 SI (portuguese)
| ASS 39 (portuguese)
| ASS 50 (portuguese)
| ASS 70 HI (portuguese)

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