Framing Systems

The Evolution of Monteiros Framing Systems

The company Monteiros – João Monteiro and Sons, Ltd. started its activity within the iron and aluminium sector, thus, having great experience and tradition in these areas. In a continuous effort to discover new products and systems, the company has always strived to evolve and achieve more and more quality and versatility in terms of products and services. For that reason, in the mid-90s, after much consideration, reflection and assessment, a decision was made to proceed with the production and selling of PVC framing. In fact, besides aluminium, there are several other materials available in the market, our main concern being the constant demand for high quality products.

Creating a new image: MONTEIROS – Energy Efficiency/Framing Systems

Nowadays, the issues around energy efficiency are very much in focus. Hence, the creation of this concept enabling an association between framing quality and energy efficiency is, undoubtedly, an investment in a more sustainable future. Besides the energy saving aspect, there are solutions which make possible the production of energy through framing systems.