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Energy Efficiency Fund with financial support for the installation of Efficient Windows


ADENE – the Agency for Energy, publicly presented, on the 22nd November 2012, new notifications from the Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF), introducing significant changes to the companies’ eligibility criteria in a way to increase the number of beneficiaries.

The main goal of this measure is to support projects which contribute to reduce the final energy consumption, in an efficient and optimized manner, namely by replacing old windows, with simple glass, by Efficient Windows with double glass which meet the technical requisites presented in the Application Notification.

Notification – Efficient Building, mentions specific financial support for the installation of efficient windows, with a non-refundable co-funding of 50% of the value invested in window replacement, up to a limit of 1,250 € per building or fraction.

This incentive is applicable to owners of single-family buildings or autonomous fractions of multi-family buildings. The applications must be presented by window manufacturing companies, as long as they have joined the window SEEP (energy labelling of products) system and the windows to be installed are class A or B.

The applications may be submitted on the FEE website (, starting on November 30, 2012.

Soon, ADENE will organise information sessions, for window manufacturers, in order to advertise the notification and explain the application procedure.

Issued in the Ordinance 50/2010 on May 20, FEE was defined as essential for meeting the energy efficiency targets established by PNAEE and attaining the goals expected in the National Strategy for Energy 2020.

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