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Saving Energy – Generating Energy

The Future Brings Many Questions. Schüco presents the answers today.

Schüco, a synonym of sustainable solutions and a comprehensive range of products. The most important themes are: windows, doors, façades, thermal and photovoltaic solar energy.

Windows: energy efficiency at first sight.

Windows ensure every room is flooded with light and also help define the character of a building. At the same time, they are a permanent interface between the inside and the outside, a decisive factor for the energy balance of a building. With its new generation of windows, Schüco has created a system which meets the highest demands.

As regards energy efficiency, they present the best thermal insulation, integrated ventilation and design freedom, with narrow frames and concealed glazing. Granting comfort and security, a burglar resistance up to the WK3 level, opening and closing control and a practical integration in the building management system.

Facades: the display of pioneer construction.

The impressive façades became a symbol of urban life. They represent architectural creativity and give buildings a distinct character. However, in the future, they will impose even more challenges. With the shortage of energy resources and the simultaneous increase of CO2 emissions, the energy saving features of a façade are more and more relevant. There is no doubt that the concept of energy efficient building is shaping the future.

Schüco already offers customised solutions to attain this goal. The challenge is to harmonise the technological and architectural requisites of façades and skylights in order to adapt them to the future. This is achieved through a comprehensive modular aluminium system, providing the architects, owners and manufacturers with all the solutions to get the highest standards of energy efficiency, safety, automation and design, from vertical/transverse façades, additional steel or wood constructions through structural unified façades made of glass. A great variety of integrated opening units completes this range.

Thin-film technology.

Forging the connection between architecture and the environment, an expression of the search for continuous innovation. With the new ProSol TF Schüco façade module, the company has surpassed a milestone in the development of integrated solar modules for buildings. Reaching the highest design standards, in complete harmony with the Energy² module – Saving energy and generating energy.

What makes this new module stand out is the innovative combination of photovoltaic thin-film technology with the homologated Schüco windows and façade. For instance, non-ventilated façades, skylights, ventilated façades, inclined façades or solar protection. The result is an extraordinary solar architecture, defining new standards in terms of efficiency and design.