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Let’s save energy for a more sustainable future!

Inspired by one of our mottos as a company, we stand for “Innovation and quality as a guarantee of sustainability”, and believe that a sustainable future also depends on a more efficient utilisation of the resources available in our planet. For this reason, we are committed to help and promote a more environmentally friendly future.

Our motivation to work with products (windows and more) with a high energy efficiency has to do with an awareness that we all can contribute to save significant amounts of energy and, therefore, to a more sustainable development of our planet, so we can assure a better future for the next generations.

Monteiros joined the SEEP – Energy Labelling of Products system, the WINDOWS subsystem, in particular. This project is within the scope of the Agency for Energy (ADENE), with the support of ANFAJE – National Association of Efficient Window Manufacturers.

The Energy Labelling of Products System (SEEP) is a voluntary labelling system which allows the final user to compare the energy performance of different products, thanks to an energy classification, leading to a better choice of products and a major reduction of the household’s energy bills.
SEEP focuses mainly on products still not regulated by the energy labelling Directive, and also those causing an impact on the energy consumption of buildings.
Therefore, the first product having a SEEP energy label was the window.