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The JBL-Axys-Intellivox technology, is ideal for spaces where speech intelligibility/element aesthetics binomial is at stake.

This technology, associated to Digital Directivity Control (DDC), allows us to control the loudspeaker on various levels: – directivity (opening angle, aiming angle and focus distance) – AVC (automatic volume control) – parametric equalisation up to 12-band – delay up to 300ms.

All this allows an uniform SPL coverage (sound pressure) in terms of space delimitation of the area we are working on.
Another advantage of this technology is the possibility to predict the behaviour through simulation, even before proceeding to the installation, which allows us to work on it during the project phase.

Thanks to the DDA software, it is possible to predict the best spatial positioning for the electroacoustic elements, always having their main function in mind: intelligibility.

Application examples:

| Church of St Mary (Project by Architect. Siza Vieira – Marco de Canaveses)

| Casa da Música (Porto)

| Sanctuary of Our Lady Fatima (Portugal);

| Louvre Museum (Paris);

| Il Duomo Cathedral (Milan);

| Among Others…

Here we present a catalogue, in English, describing this absolutely revolutionary system:

| JBL AXYS Intellivox