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Ou starting point is the need to look for and expand to high technological and scientific expertise markets, on a national and international level, here arises the Audiovisual department – Sound Engineering.


With this department we aim to target the production of corporate events (conferences, show-cases, small dimension events), through a careful and personalised service, custom-built for each specific event combining the sound, light and video (image) areas.


The Sound (Acoustics, Audio, and Electroacoustic) area, today, is still a field with very little qualification. Thus, this Sound Engineering department aims to supply consulting and inspection services, either to architects or engineers and main contractors, as well as sound design planning services and system assembly.

Our job is to meet the needs of those spaces where voice perceptibility is paramount, such as religious worship buildings, auditoriums and other public and private intended to, for instance, enforce voice evacuation norms – voice evacuation (museums, hospitals, shopping centres, railway stations, airports, etc.).

On the other hand, the aesthetics constraint related to the installation of electroacoustic systems in minimalistic spaces, often makes us reach for systems with a technology which allows us to distribute the sound through large areas with only one or two electroacoustic elements (loudspeakers), still providing a surprisingly good speech intelligibility.

We count on a multidisciplinary team with higher technical education in fields such as audio, acoustics, electronics, and electrotechnology, ready to answer either on a consulting and inspection level or on an installation and integration one.